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Type0 Jixte E Coat Pastel Purple/ Brass weight PK-25

Type0 Jixte E Coat Pastel Purple/ Brass weight PK-25

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Looking to build your own 1/1 unit? or looking for more weights?
Jixte Extras 

Jixte was a concept for a higher end Bakeneko designed by Chickenman. One weight inside and a big weight backplate and a beautiful side profile. Keeping it as simple as an oring mount while looking high end. 


  • Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
  • Mounting Style: Gummy O ring Gasket
  • Front Height 18mm
  • 60% keyboard

What's Included

  • Eclipse 60 PCB+Daughterboard and Jst
  • 60A Oring
  • 60% Alumimum Plate 
  • Feet
  • Keyboard Carrying Case (random color)  w/Microfiber Cloth
  • The Keyboard itself internal/external Weight

Listing Specific Info

Please check photos
Case: Purple E coated 6063 Aluminum 

Weight: Brass 



The pictures are a lie our camera can't pick up every grain of detail so please remember, These are prototypes so they will have scratches, machining errors, machining marks, dents, etc. If you are expecting a full-on perfect item do not buy. 



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Customer Reviews

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Hugh Crowder
Just Fantastic

I have a love of 60% boards, but especially o-ring 60s. Bakenekos, Ciels, and the like. As someone who has only typed on a Singa Unikorn once (never owned, but at a meet-up), it's pretty difficult to get one for a reasonable price as there are so many people that enter the Unikorn raffles.

I've been wanting to explore Unikorn alternatives, starting with a Bakeneko that I've had for years. Then, I saw that a Ciel60 was going for a decent price on r/mm, so I picked one up to see how much an internal weight would make a difference. After thinking about open-sourcing an outer weight Bakeneko, I came across the Jixte collection.

A 60% o-ring board without any weights (Bakeneko), an internal weight (Ciel), and now... a chance to get one with an internal AND external weight? Sign me up! $240 after free shipping and the 20% off coupon with brass internal and external weights (not all of the external weights are brass, but my unit was) had me salivating.

I counted the days until it would arrive, and once it did... I was blown away. Such a hefty board, a fantastic e-coat finishing, and overall amazing value, this Jixte had it all. Most of all, it sounded amazing!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to edit this review, but if so, once I upload my Bakeneko & Friends video on YouTube, I'll be sure to edit it and put the link here.

The Jixte60 for $240 shipped is a fantastic option for those that want a higher-end Bakeneko and are unlucky with winning Unikorn raffles (or not wanting to pay aftermarket prices). Exactly like the designers intended (a higher-end Bakeneko that looked and sounded great)!

Yes, there are some imperfections and some nicks here and there, but PK does a great job at specifying this, and personally, nothing was noticeable to the extent of not liking the aesthetics of the board.

Edit: YouTube link added. By far, the best-sounding 60% o-ring board I've ever had the priveledge of typing or owning. I have not had a Unikorn though, so YMMV. YouTube video placeholder