Collection: Type 0 Keyboard Collection [Free Shipping Conus]

Introducing the Type 0 Collection: A Treasury of Rare Keyboard Prototypes

Dive into the exclusive world of the Type 0 Collection, a captivating assemblage of exceptionally limited 1/1 keyboard prototypes creating a true custom exclusive mechanical keyboard.

Please note that these are prototypes and are not finished product so they are not perfect. Some will have dents, scratches, etc. Please check the pictures. 
(Only cosmetic defects the usability will be the same as any other keyboard)

 All units on the Type0 page will have free shipping and Includes x90 (x9 orders of 10) any switches of your choice found in Switch collection (add to your cart) Plus a random colored carrying case.

Or If you so desire you can get a 20% off code instead of the included x90 switches. Code HappyHolidays20

All Plaque 80 Kits come ready to build with alu plate, fr4plate and a keyboard carrying case. Color will be random.
All Jixte 60% Keyboard Kits will come ready to build with A carrying case and alu plate.
(Please read the product description for more info)
(if the free shipping isn't working and you get charged or none of the discounts are working, please create a ticket on discord or email us at paramountkeeb@gmail)
Plaque80 Sound test By THE saladknight 

 Tldr: Lots of prototypes spent too many different colors and finishes. Price Adjusted to be lower since they are prototypes.