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Type0 Jixte 60% Cnc Bakeneko Case Build Your Own 1/1 unit / Extras, Weights, Plates

Type0 Jixte 60% Cnc Bakeneko Case Build Your Own 1/1 unit / Extras, Weights, Plates

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Jixte Extras

Holiday Deal (Free Shipping)

Buy any kit or make a kit  from Type0 Collection and get x90 Switches free  add to your cart
Extras are found here  Pcb    
Please don't abuse the discount code we have the right to edit the cart if there's a case of trying to abuse the discount code

Plates are now sold out and wont be included in the build your own special 
isting specific info: If you order a Jixte 60 case + Weight combo etc We will include the O ring PCB while supplies last. the x90 switch deal will work if you order case+weights  (no plates) but hardware such as feet+daughterboard+jst are included.

Looking to build your own 1/1 unit? or looking for more weights?
Jixte Extras 

Jixte was a concept for a higher end Bakeneko designed by Chickenman. One weight inside and a big weight backplate and a beautiful side profile. Keeping it as simple as an oring mount while looking high end. 


  • Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
  • Mounting Style: Gummy O ring Gasket
  • Front Height 18mm
  • 60% keyboard

What's Included

  • Eclipse 60 PCB+Daughterboard and Jst
  • 60A Oring
  • Feet
  • Keyboard Carrying Case (random color)  w/Microfiber Cloth
  • The Keyboard itself internal/external Weight

Listing Specific Info

Please check photos
The weights that are scratched and dinked are discounted accordingly

The coating on cases are just ....... check the photos please

 the PC cases have dark clamp marks on the inside corners.


The pictures are a lie our camera can't pick up every grain of detail so please remember, These are prototypes so they will have scratches, machining errors, machining marks, dents, etc. If you are expecting a full-on perfect item do not buy. 



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