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Baka60 PK60RGB Hotswap Custom Keyboard Kit

Baka60 PK60RGB Hotswap Custom Keyboard Kit

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Enter the world of custom mechanical keyboards with our Baka60 custom keyboard kit. Our Baka60 keyboard kit includes all the necessary parts to start your own custom keyboard. Our Baka60 PK60RGB custom keyboard kit caters to all levels of keyboard enthusiasts, whether you're entry-level or a high-level enthusiast. This kit will surely satisfy you.
Does not have middle post making it better than any other tray mount.

Constructed of 6061 aluminum, our Baka60 aluminum case is built to endure. Weighing in at 0.65lbs, the Baka60 case is light enough to be picked up easily while simultaneously being heavy enough to be secure at any position. The Baka60 60% case is anodized, providing a nice matte touch while still presenting a classy shimmer. The internal anodize isn't perfect. The screw posts may or may not be fully anodized. Measuring at 11.5" x 4.25" x 1.31”, the Baka60 case is precision cnc'd which provides clean edges and precise cuts which allow for perfect placement of the USB port. The rectangular cut-out inside the Baka60 case enables wireless usage for those who have a wireless-capable PCB. The Baka60 is angled at 6.5° which provides a gentle incline for optimal performance and comfort for any user, whether it's gaming or casual typing. 

The PK60 RBG 60% PCB is built for people who love compact form factors while still retaining useful function keys such as the arrows and the del.  Designed with sound and feel in mind, the PK60 60% PCB utilizes south-facing switches which cater to those who plan to use cherry-profile switches such as GMK. To make up for the poor lighting south-facing switches provide, we have an LED bulb for each individual key. You can switch the layout of the keyboard, as well as set up macros with our PK Hub software.

Baka60 Custom Keyboard Kit specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11.5" x 4.25" x 1.31”
  • Constructed of 6061 Aluminum
  • Tray mount without middle post 
  • Case: 0.65 lbs / fully build: ~2lbs
  • Anodized
  • Angle: 6.5°
  • Compatible with wireless PCBs
  • 64-key layout
  • Supports arrow and del key
  • supports 5-pin switches
  • USB-C
  • Each key has a LED bulb
  • Macro and layout may be changed via our PK Hub

Product Includes:

  • 1 PK60 PCB (Full RGB, Hot-swappable)
  • 1 Baka60 60% case
  • 1 Aluminum plate
  • 1 Cherry clip in stabilizer set( 3x 2u, 1x 6.25u)
  • 1 Keycap switch remover combo tool
  • 1 Sound-dampening foam
    *All sales are final*
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