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In-Stock PKaps RGBEnglish PBT Keycap Set

In-Stock PKaps RGBEnglish PBT Keycap Set

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RGBEnglish is a fun set inspired by multiple-character language sets that'll help you type our wonderful latin letters better. It features bright colors, beige, and a wild Numpad
NA: You're Here!
EU: Keygem
UK: Prototypist
OCE: Allcaps
Asia: Hex.keyboards

Manufacturer: Pkaps
Dyesub Pbt

PKaps is a new manufacturer that went through three rounds of protos to ensure this set got the justice it deserved. We wanted to provide a massive base kit that would cover ortho and lots of 40s and all the big keyboards, and include a fun frow and extra rgb modifier kit. Please check out the samples in the product photos.

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