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SP-Star Meteor Whites

SP-Star Meteor Whites

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Sp-Star Meteor White

Introducing the Sp-Star Meteor White Mechanical Keyboard Switches – Elevate Your Typing Experience with the Best Linear Switches!

Are you in search of the perfect keyboard switch for your next mechanical keyboard project? Look no further! Our Sp-Star Meteor White switches are designed to meet your every need, delivering a remarkable typing experience that will elevate your productivity and enjoyment.

  • Type: Linear
  • Mounting Type: 5 pin
    • Material:
    • Top: Nylon
    • Bottom: Nylon
    • Stem: POM
  • Spring: 57g gold plated
  • Light coat of factory lube
  • Manufacturer-Sp-Star

Key Features: 1. Clacky Linear Typing: The Sp-Star Meteor White switches offer a linear typing feel with that satisfying clack, ensuring smooth and consistent keystrokes that enthusiasts love. Say goodbye to switches that lack character and embrace the pronounced feedback of clacky linear typing.

2. 5-Pin Mounting Type: These switches are designed with a 5-pin mounting type, making them compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards. Installation is a breeze, and you'll be up and typing in no time.

3. Superior Materials: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our switches feature top and bottom housings made of high-quality nylon, a POM stem for smooth keypresses, and a 57g gold-plated spring for that perfect actuation force. You'll feel the quality in every keystroke.

4. Factory-Lubed for Perfection: We understand the importance of smooth and clacky typing. That's why our switches come with a light coat of factory lube, ensuring a satisfyingly clacky and smooth typing experience while minimizing friction and wear.

5. Manufacturer You Can Trust: Sp-Star, the manufacturer of these exceptional switches, is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. With a reputation for excellence, you can trust in the reliability of our products.

Make the Sp-Star Meteor White switches your top choice for your mechanical keyboard build, and experience the ultimate in smooth and clacky typing satisfaction. Whether you're a professional typist, a passionate gamer, or simply seeking a more character-filled typing experience, these switches are designed to cater to your every need.

Upgrade your keyboard today with Sp-Star Meteor White switches and discover a world of effortless, high-quality, and clacky typing at your fingertips. Don't settle for less; choose the best, choose Sp-Star!

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