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Type 0 Plaque80 TKL Red/Silver PK-03 Shiny anode pk-03

Type 0 Plaque80 TKL Red/Silver PK-03 Shiny anode pk-03

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Looking to build your own 1/1 unit? or looking for more weights?
Plaque80 Extras Weights/Build your own


  • Typing Angle: 6.9 Degrees
  • Mounting Style: Top mount/ O ring Gasket
  • Front Height 18mm
  • F13 Wkl
  • 86 keys wkl
  • Seamless 

What's Included

  • Plaque80 PCB+Daughterboard and Jst
  • 60A Oring
  • Jane compat Alumimum Plate 
  • Fr4 Plate
  • Bumpouns
  • Keyboard Carrying Case (random color)  w/Microfiber Cloth
  • The Keyboard itself Top case Bottom Case Weight

Listing Specific Info

Please check photos
Top Case: 6063 Alumimum Anodized
Bottom Case: 6063 Alumimum Anodized
Weight: Sandblasted SS

The Left wkl right edge chamfer is strange 



The pictures are a lie our camera can't pick up every grain of detail so please remember, These are prototypes so they will have scratches, machining errors, machining marks, dents, etc. If you are expecting a full-on perfect item do not buy. 

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