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PK60 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard PCB

PK60 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard PCB

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The PK60 RBG 60% PCB is built for people who love compact form factors while still retaining useful function keys such as the arrows and the del.  Designed with sound and feel in mind, the PK60 60% PCB utilizes south-facing switches which cater to those who plan to use cherry-profile switches such as GMK. To make up for the poor lighting south-facing switches provide, we have an LED bulb for each individual key. You can switch the layout of the keyboard, as well as set up macros with our PK Hub software. 

Product Specifications:

  • 64-key layout
  • supports arrow keys
  • USB-C
  • Supports 5-pin switches
  • Each key has an LED bulb
  • Macro and layout may be changed via our PK Hub software
  • Dimensions:
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