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Paramount Keeb

Cherry Mx Blacks

Cherry Mx Blacks

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*Each order is sold in packs of 100*
Buying 500-900? use code mxblack500 for 5% off $0.19 each
Buying 1000+? use code Cherryblack1000 10% off 0.18 each
Measured by weight
Cherry Black early 2000s Desoldered 
Good for franken switching
Disclaimer* Some may not be clean enough to work with hotswap

  • Type: Linear
  • Mounting Type: 5 pin
  • Material:
    • Top: Nylon
    • Bottom: Nylon
    • Stem: POM
  • Spring: 55g actuation
    75g bottom
  • desoldered some cleaner than others may vary
  • Manufacturer- Cherry 
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